Marine Wildlife Charters aboard the Trophy II.

Full Day Marine Adventure

Begins at 7:45 am at the boat and returns to port around 4:00 pm. Lunches, snacks and nonalcoholic beverages are provided. Distance Traveled: Our tours can cover as much as 50 nautical miles on a given day.


$450.00 per person minimum of 2

$400.00 per person 4 - 6 people

Once aboard Photographers and Nature Lovers will enjoy the spaciousness and comfort of our boat. Before casting off there is a safety briefing and explanation of what to expect for the day.  Each day is built around customers interests, the weather and tides. Have your camera ready from the moment you arrive at the boat as there will be several opportunities before we even get out of the harbor.

What to expect:

Sea Lions, Sea Otters, a variety of seabirds including Horned and Tufted Puffins, Kittiwakes, Cormorants, a variety of shorebirds and gulls, Bald Eagles, Humpback and Fin Whales

May See:

 Orcas, Dall’s and Harbor Porpoises. Minke Whales, Sei Whales, Gray Whales, Sitka Blacktailed Deer, Roosevelt Elk, Kodiak Brown Bear, Land or River Otter. Silver, Cross or Red Fox.

Please call 907 539 8866 with your questions.   Reservations can be made by email or phone. Reservation confirmation requires a credit card.

Hourly tours

We sometimes can arrange a spontaneous trip for last minute travelers who want just a short tour.  Rates are for the boat with a limit of 6 guests.


 $350.00 for the first hour.

$250.00 each additional hour.


Trips are limited to local 5 mile radius.

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